Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Joys of Teaching, and other thoughts...

Today at my art class, one of my little girls brought me flowers that she and her father had picked together from their garden for me. :) This is seriously the sweetest thing! The flowers are so pretty and they smell delicious! I will keep them in my kitchen window until they start to wilt and then I will hang them upside down like I do with most of my flowers (the other I press in books). But this made me smile and completely brightened my day! This is why I teach! I love and care and think about each and every one of my students, and its nice to be reminded that they love me just as much. Simple gifts from the heart are such a blessing that I will never take for granted. Thank you again sweetheart! :)

I forgot to mention this the other day, but Alan used sidewalk chalk for the first time! We bought some Crayola Giant Chalk from Walmart and Alan responded really well to it! I was a little anxious about him not liking the chalk dust that would cling to his hands, clothes, etc. But he didn't mind the dust at all and loved using it! We think it helped that they were shaped like big crayons. He still thought it was the coolest thing that he could make pictures appear on the sidewalk.

This is the chalk we used. Awesome! :D


Nothing other than the flowers really happened today, so I don't have a lot else to post about. Not to mention I worked another 8 1/2 hour shift today and I'm beat! Sorry! Tune in tomorrow morning for Toddler Talk Thursdays though! Good night!

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