Monday, June 13, 2011

Meet me on Monday!! June 13, 2011

I hope everyone has a great day today! I have one of my Kindergarten art classes this morning and then I work at the daycare from 3 to 8 tonight. Nothing too exciting, but its a nice day out again so hopefully we can go outside in our free time!

For now, here's Meet me on Monday!!

What is your favorite yogurt flavor?
 Like regular yogurt or frozen yogurt? Cos both of them are pretty plain lol. :)

For regular yogurt, I like just about any yogurt with fruit chunks in it, but strawberry yogurt is my favorite. I'm not really into the whole flavoured yogurt thing, I like my yogurt vanilla with fruit chunks in it lol.


For frozen yogurt, I like chocolate frozen yogurt. I know lol, pretty lame!!


Ankle or knee socks? and on the same theme, white socks or coloured??
No socks if I can! I prefer to be barefoot all the time!

But if I have to wear socks, its whatever I can find to wear lol. I'll wear long and ankle socks, but only knee socks if I can find them. I only of have two pairs of knee socks but I love them!

If they're my husband's, then they're definitely white, sometimes with the knee and toe coloring but nothing too exciting. If they're mine, then 30% of them are white socks and the other 70% of them are colored or decorated. I don't like plain things, so even my socks are normally some wild neon color or print (I even have a pair of Fraggle Rock socks!) unless I'm at work lol.

How is the weather right now?
Well I'm about to walk to work right now, and its a beautiful sunny day, possibly 75 degrees outside. Yes!

Are you a fast typer?
I used to be lol. In highschool I was the fastest typer in my graduating class, also known as the world's biggest nerd. :P But now, I'm just a decently fast typer. I think my biggest problem now with keeping up the speed is my OCD that makes me delete a whole word before I can retype it correctly. Its obnoxious lol!

Red or White Wine?
Wanna know something totally crazy? I have never really tasted red OR white wine lol, so I don't have a preference. I'm not a wine or chardonay drinker and have never been put in the situation... Oh wait, I tried boxed wine once. Ick, remember now! It was red wine and it was sick! But that's hopefully only because its boxed wine lol.

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