Sunday, June 5, 2011

Summer is upon us! Already!

Ahhhhh, my favorite season of the year is already upon us! Yes!

This weekend was just fantastic for us! Summer is officially here, with the weather being sunny and WAAAAARM (estimated 80 degrees both days) and windy too lol.

Saturday, we went on a play date with Lon, Aunt Ariel, Korbin and his mama Erica to North Park. We played in the water park for a whole hour and a half! Alan was scared of the water sprinklers at first, but he would chase Korbin into the water, trying to "save" him lol. He would chase after Korbin, yelling his name, and once he caught up to him, he would grab him and say "All better" lol! Too funny! Aunt Ariel loved helping watch the wild toddlers too, she would chase after them for us. We were so grateful for her, it meant we didn't have to get soaked ourselves! :) We had a wonderful time with the kids, and Alan was so tuckered out afterwards that he fell asleep in the car on the way to the wedding! :D

Unfortunately, Lon had to work and couldn't go with us to the wedding, so it was Grandpa Kevin, Uncle Kalvin, Aunt Natalie and us. But the wedding was beautiful and we still had a good time! The bride looked gorgeous in her dress and pink converse shoes. :D The groom looked handsome and nervous, I loved it. The ceremony was interesting and whimsical, like the couple themselves. They read a hilariously true poem titled Love is like Owning a Dog that I just have to find so I can post it on here. It was too cute and too true. :) The reception was also fun. It was held at Oscar's Dreamland, a place of childhood memories for me. My family used to go to this place when Natalie and I were only around. I was probably only six or seven, but it was SO COOL to walk around the area with my own son.

I was endlessly grateful for the bride and groom's creativeness, they had crayons in their wedding colors (pink, blue and Kawaski green) for everyone to decorate their tablecloths. Alan and I decorated a WHOLE tablecloth for them! I hope they loved it! :P

Alan also loved the many rainbow pinwheels placed randomly in the field. The wind was making them spin like mad, and he would squeal at them as he pulled them out of the ground. Then off he'd run, cackling like a madman with a spinning pinwheel in his arm. Everyone was loving it, even stopping to watch him. We even distracted the wedding party while they were getting photographed lol. Oops! :) All in all, we had a wonderful time!

This morning, we woke up and had our normal Sunday breakfast, scrambled eggs and toast. Then we watched Toy Story 3 for the billionth time (the furnace scene still makes me cry lol!) and played cars, like always. :) I love my Family Sundays. Then we had a quick lunch of pizza and went to pick up Aunt April and my good friend Tanya for an adventure!

I love this family pic

We took Tanya and the kids to Phipp's Park to hike up the Mini Rims lol. Lon had to make a stop at a nearby boulder for some free climbing. We got some sweet shots of him, and he even made it to the top of a few! Then we set about climbing up to Phipp's cabin at the summit. We made it to the top but were too exhausted to go to Phipp's cabin, we stayed in the shade. It was a sharp incline! After a short water break, we headed back down. My converse were giving me zero tracntion, so I took off my shoes and ventured the remainder of the way barefoot. I felt so much better that way, I could dig my toes into the dirt for extra traction. I know, I'm a weirdo lol, but remember I am a hippie. :)

Alan walking up the hill. My little hiker!

We needed a break so we went back to the boulder Lon was warming up on. Alan and I went for another explorative walk, while Lon climbed and Tanya and Aunt April relaxed in the sun. Then Alan and I sat down for water and a snack. And while we were all relaxing, a train came by. Alan was so excited, Lon took him closer and even had the train blow its horn for them. They were still maybe 25-30 feet away from the train, but Alan still thought it was the coolest. He kept saying "Train!" and "Choochoo!" until the train dissapered behind a rock.

Tanya took a picture of me taking a picture of the boys looking at the train lol

Then we drove to Pioneer Park, where Alan and Lon took a nice nap in the shade while Tanya, Aunt April and I swang on the swings. Sadly, Alan just woke up as we were leaving but he enjoyed having both Aunt April and Tanya in the backseat with him for the ride home.

Tonight we went to Grandma and Grandpa's for another BBQ. Alan ran around and around the sprinkler but wouldn't go through. Then we had burgers, baked beans, and rice. Alan would barely eat until the sun finally setted. We realized it was because of the heat, because as soon as the day cooled down, Alan was STARVING lol.

We had a wonderful weekend, and I am so glad now that summer is here because every weekend will be like this! :D I love my family and I love summer! See you tomorrow for Meet Me on Monday and Motivational Mondays!

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