Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday! June 28, 2011

Today should be a crazy day, as it always is on Tuesdays lol. :) I have two art classes, two art shows and work in Child Watch today. Ahhh! I hope I can spend all my extra time today outside. Cos its supposed to be 94 degrees today! Ooh baby!

Top Ten {Tuesday}

Top Ten Activities to do at Canyon Ferry Lake
(Or almost any lake or camping area lol)

#10 Fourwheeling or Dirtbiking

My dad is a member of the Billings Motorcycle Club, and he is a big dirt biker. He owns a fourwheeler, and several dirt bikes of various sizes. Including a mini 50 bike (Alan could "technically" ride it next summer!!! Not sure how I feel about this!) that is the coolest. And normally the one I choose these days.

But anyways, we all will go riding around camp and on the trails. Except for Alan. Lon participated last year though, and he is addicted to riding as well! There's something about dirt biking on trails. :) Love it!

#9 Fishing


I love to fish. I believe it is one of the most peaceful things ever. My father and I have gone fishing together since I was about five years old. I love catching fish for my family (It makes me feel empowered! Hoorah!!) and even know how to fillet a fish. Though I don't like to do it. Ick! I am still a slightly modern fisher as I enjoy fishing while listening to my Ipod or a CD. Its wonderful to have a soundtrack to your beautiful surroundings and your fishing experience. :) Its euphoric!

#8 Boating or Tubing

This kinda goes along with the fishing, only not really. Boating and tubing behind boats are more of an extreme activity. But I love it as well! I love getting in a fast speed boat and riding around, or even better, getting on a tube and riding behind the boat. So much fun! I have never tried water skiing but would love to eventually. Who knows, this year may be the year!!

#7 Hiking


I love hiking the trails around Canyon Ferry Lake as well. Me and Lon like to try to go on as many walks as possible while we camp, and we invite all the people who want to come. Hiking is one of my favorite things to do outdoors! Luckily for me, Alan and Lon like to hike as well. I just love being out in that nature, moving through the wild like an animal would. Even if some of the trails are man made lol, still is great to be out in the nature!

#6 Swimming

Swimming in the lake is a fun thing to do as well, though it gives me slight anxiety lol. I have one major phobia, and it is too silly but... I have a fear of fish touching my body. Like swimming up against my legs or past my stomach. *Shudders* Uggh I can't deal with it.

I know, I know, silly right?

But I do love to take Alan swimming. Lucky for me, Alan only likes to sit at the base of the shore, and let the waves lap up on to his belly lol. Nice and shallow lol. So yes, I like to go swimming in the lake as well. :P

#5 Building Sandcastles


You have to admit, even as adults, sandcastles are pretty fun to build and turn out pretty cool in the end. I really like to gather up all my siblings and cousins and get them to help me and Lon build a big sandcastle city. We always get so into it, and end up with the coolest ever area for action figures and Barbie dolls to play in!

You know, we should probably start taking photos of those sandcastle cities lol. We never have, for some really odd reason.

#4 Sitting by the Campfire

There's nothing better than sitting at a campfire with my whole family, almost all of the four generations of my mother's side, at the end of a hot summer day. Sometimes we roast marshmellows, other times we tell stories, sometimes we even just talk and hang out, enjoying each other's company. I love my family so much, and this is really the only time we get to see them, except for special occasions. I miss them all the time, and even though I am so grateful we get to go, I'm sad we only get to spend three days with them. :( But I still cherish every moment with them, especially the time spent at the campfire. <3

#3 Playing with the kids


To brighten the mood back up, I also cherish playing with the kids. I have my siblings and several cousins that are still young kids, and I love to play with them. I just act like a kid myself. :) Its so wonderful. I love my cousins and am so glad that Alan can play as well!

#2 Logging

Logging is a swimming game created by the Welch family (my mother's family). You find a log, preferably without spiders, and drag it in to the lake. Take it out deep and get 5-7 people to play with you (depending on how long your log is). The goal is to get all the people straddling the log without tipping anyone off. You have one person get on at a time. Once you have all your people on the log, the person at the end (usually the best logger lol) will attempt to stand on the log and jump into the water, without tipping anyone off until the end.

Best game ever!!! :D

#1 Spending time with the Welch family


Like I said in #4, I cherish every moment I spend with the Welch family, even if we are just hanging out and doing nothing. I love my family and love to spend time with them! <3

What do you like to do while out camping?????

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  1. What a great list! I do love a good campfire.