Saturday, June 11, 2011

More random ramblings...

I didn't post a third post yesterday like I planned but that's because we went over to Grandma and Grandpa's house for dinner. However, I still wanted to get in a post about Aunt April and more about Rosalie. But bear with me lol, this will be a random post lol. :D

Aunt April and the girls of Diversity Dance did a beautiful job Thursday night at the Alberta Bair. Aunt April did eleven dances total, and I was able to see ten of them (I only missed the opening number because I chose to walk from work to the theatre). She did a lyrical dance, a tribal dance with the younger company, a hip hop dance, a cool ballet dance to "Funhouse", a punk rock themed tap dance, a dance involving mad scientists and robots, a cool karate influenced jazz piece and the finale. I also really enjoyed the ballet to that Ratatouille song and the umbrella dance that was a statement about children being more free than adults. Plus, I just loved Leah's senior choreography and her solo. Her solo was just gorgeous and it made me cry. And her senior choreography was a beautiful celebration of herself as a dancer. I loved it so much. :) It was wonderful to see the directors Lisa and Amantha afterwards, along with all my former classmates and students. I loved catching up with everyone, they're all growing up! It kinda breaks my heart and makes me smile, all at the same time. :)

Yesterday was Rosalie's fourth birthday. For her birthday, we donated to the March of Dimes. We are struggling financely right now but we made an effort to still donate in her name.

Then at noon, we took four pink balloons with pink ribbons to Riverfront Park at released them into the sky for her. It was sunny and I smiled and cried, so thankfully I am not able to post the photos we took on here lol. I remember it as such a wonderful and beautiful moment, but the pictures just show me looking all haggard and weeping lol. :P I prefer to remember it the way I do, without the pictures. They are just for her scrapbook and nothing else.

Today I did a birthday at the YMCA for a little three year old boy. We had a great time! The party was Thomas the Train themed and everyone had such a wonderful time! The kids just LOVED the zip line too!

Then once I got home and Alan had woken up from his nap, we went to go check the progress on Lon's folf baskets and the folf course. Alan really enjoyed running through the field with me, and Lon was proud to show us all of his hard work. :)

For dinner, we went to Grandma and Grandpa's house again. We had corndogs and french fries, and we ate outside in the front yard. Then Uncle Kalvin, Aunt April and Alan ran around the front yard, screaming and playing like wild children. It was really nice and reaxing to just sit and watch kids playing, in the setting sun and the slowly cooling air.

When we got home, we bathed Alan and let him play in the tub for forty-five minutes or so. He is a little fish! We might go swimming tomorrow at the YMCA because he loves the water! :) And to close up the night, we all snuggled in our bed and watched Wall.E before putting a sleeping Alan to bed. What a great day!

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