Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Month in Review: May 2011

I like what Naptime is My Time is doing with their monthly reviews, so I will be doing one today and see if I like it lol. :) Enjoy!

May was a busy month for my family.

We first had Uncle Kalvin's, Aunt Natalie's and Uncle Darren's birthdays at the beginning of the month.That was fun, celebrating all of my siblings' birthdays (except Aunt April, who had hers in April. Duh lol) this month. :) And we can't forget Korbin's birthday! What a fun day that was for the boys. There was also Mother's Day and Memorial Day.

A lot of things went down this month as well. :) Alan turned 20 months old on May 5. Then just a day after her birthday, Natalie was in a car accident. She is okay, but it really woke up our family as a whole. Thank goodness she was okay! April, my baby sister, had her ballet recital this month too. Lon and I also had our one month anniversary of our wedding.

I posted two posts with our wedding photos in them. You can view those here and here. :)

I wrote about a lot of different subjects this month. Before Lon became a SAHD towards the end of the month, I had thought about getting my tattoo for Alan. I wrote about the fool-proof way to get a toddler to wait in a doctor's waiting room. I also wrote about my 100th post this month, that was pretty exciting! :) I pondered moving out of this apartment. And I entertained my crazy theory of nomadically walking everywhere for you readers.

May was a crazy month for us. I can't wait for summer now!

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  1. What a great May! Sounds like a fabulous idea!